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Dr. Basheerah’s 360° Approach

Health Wellness – Dr. Basheerah has dedicated part of her life’s work to be a Holistic Health Expert. Her passion for taking this path lies deeply in helping those who seek her help accomplish their goals and transform into the best version of themselves. 

Throughout Dr. Basheerah’s journey into becoming a Holistic Health Expert, she credits that the most valuable lesson she’s learned is that a person’s mind, body, and spirit must coexist and cooperate efficiently to achieve total body health. 

She refers to this system of integrating mind, body, and spirit into health upkeep as the 360° approach to life. This way of approaching one’s health was taught to Dr. Basheerah in childhood when she was fortunate enough to grow up in a household whose foundation was deeply rooted in the natural world. 

This mindset that was ingrained in her is her foundation for helping others achieve and thrive in life. She believes that when the mind is healthy, the body is healthy, and that allows the spirit to thrive. 

What is the 360° Approach?

Our minds are one of the most powerful parts of our body. It’s responsible for taking all that that we perceive in the external world and creating its own unique interpretation of it. In turn, our bodies respond to these perceptions and interpretations by releasing chemicals that can affect overall health and well-being for better or worse.

Should these interpretations from the mind and body about the world or about ourselves be negative, it can inevitably result in psychological, spiritual, or physical disharmony, which in extreme cases can result in disease. 

With the 360° approach, you’re approaching your health from multiple angles rather than just purely physical. Most diseases have an emotional or psychological root, so involving your mind and spirit in your approach to body health will allow you to unlock the happiest and healthiest version of yourself. 


Your mind is both consciously and unconsciously responsible for your beliefs, thoughts, and actions. Understanding how your mind works and responds to the world is the first pillar in Dr. Basheerah’s 360° approach. Our unconscious mind often is responsible for filling us with internal chaos and psychological or physiological stress. 

Your lifestyle is often the main culprit in determining your stress or peace. With Dr. Basheerah’s 360° approach, she works with you to understand your subconscious and conscious programming through nutritional coaching, meditating, confronting trauma, and journaling to help give voice to your feelings. By utilizing positive thinking affirmations for a minimum of 28 days, Dr. Basheerah will also aid in developing positive habit training and provide recommendations for CBD supplements and special herbs. 


The second pillar of Dr. Basheerah’s 360 approaches is getting back in tune with your body. Your body is the physical aspect of yourself that carries you through life and allows you to experience the world through your five senses. 

Dr. Basheerah encourages you to understand that everything comes from the earth. Through this belief, she works with you to get grounded through body alignment checks that start from the body’s core. Dr. Basheerah provides customized exercise programs that strengthen and lengthen the body, uniting the mind-body connection to optimize muscle engagement.


The third and final pillar of Dr. Basheerah’s 360° approach is getting in touch with your spiritual energy. Your soul and spirit are that intangible part of you that you might refer to as your essence. If you are religious you may find it easier to understand the concept of a soul. If you are secular, you may find this connection through spending time in nature, creating art, or participating in yoga and meditation. 

Through developing radical and unconditional self-love, Dr. Basheerah works with you to get deeply in touch with your emotions and spirituality. Understanding that The Creator’s energy is the foundation of everything that exists will further help you on this journey of mind-body-spirit integration. 

Tips to Strengthen Mind-Body-Spirit Connection

Taking up meditation is one of the best techniques in helping to restore total body connection. When you participate in meditation, you can experience a deep sense of calm and relaxation on physical and mental levels. This in turn can allow you to gain and develop a greater level of spiritual awareness. 

Daily meditation has plenty of positive benefits including feeling more relaxed, having more energy, savoring enjoyable moments, handling difficult situations with ease, and so many more. All you need to do to begin making meditation a daily habit is to set aside as little as 10 minutes of zero distraction time each day to meditate and focus on your breath.

Have Fun With People
Enjoying lighthearted fun with your friends, loved ones, or even strangers comes with loads of cognitive benefits. As human beings, we are hardwired to crave social interaction. When we’re interacting with others, our brains are stimulated which helps to improve our emotional health and our brain health. 

To enjoy the benefits that come with socializing, try looking for a club that suits your interest, volunteer for a cause you believe in, or simply make a point to see your friends and family more often. 

Maintain a Healthy Diet
The food we put into our bodies greatly determines our overall quality of health. When we are mindful of the meals we decide to nourish our bodies with, we can easily put ourselves on a path to living a healthier lifestyle. Making sure your diet includes plenty of fresh, lively foods such as fruits and raw vegetables can help to enhance your body’s ability to produce blood, repair your nervous system, and afford you the energy to perform other tasks to help you achieve total body health. 

Get Regular Exercise


Participating in just 30 minutes of exercise every day is going to help elevate your mood, give you more energy, and help to improve your quality of sleep. Getting daily exercise is excellent for the health of your mind as it can help reduce negative thinking, unite our mind-body connection, and increase serotonin, which is a “feel-good” hormone that our brain produces. 

Better Sleeping Habits


Many doctors highly recommend that we get at least 7 to 9 hours of sleep every night. Doing so helps to reduce cholesterol levels, counteract the effects of stress, and maintain our body’s blood pressure, which makes us feel happier and more refreshed. 

Whenever we get a restful night of sleep, we set ourselves up for higher energy levels, higher levels of creativity, and sharper mental awareness, which helps us to take on our tasks to help improve overall body health. 

Adopting Dr. Basheerah’s 360° approach to life can help you not only have a healthier body  but live a life that is more mentally peaceful and spiritually fulfilling. 

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Health Wellness

Dr. Basheerah’s 360° Approach

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As a holistic health expert, passion lies in helping those around me accomplish their goals and evolve into their best selves. I was fortunate to grow in a household of strong believers whose foundation was rooted in nature. It is this mindset that I strive to work with and ultimately help others achieve. When the mind is healthy, the body and spirit thrives and I am here to help you achieve that.

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