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With Dr. Basheerah
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Dr. Basheerah Ahmad: Holistic Health Expert

Wellness Talks

With Dr. Basheerah
This is a heart and love mission. Take a seat and join me as I share insights on what you can do to reclaim your purpose and re-align yourself back to nature...your best self..
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Wellness Courses

Cultivate, Nurture and Truly be Healthy.

The journey towards wholistic health is the journey back to your foundation. The wellness courses provides the knowledge, motivation, and tools to help you make health-promoting decisions. The courses address the dimensions of health through the mind, body and spirit.
Dr. Basheerah Ahmad: Holistic Health Expert

Need More Waist Beads!

“Well! The 4-week challenge is over, but I want it to continue!!!! Not as much weight loss (scale) but ummmm those inches are melting…..need more waist beads! Lol!”

She Has Enhanced My Life

“I’ve worked with Dr. Basheerah for over 10 years. She has enhanced my life physically, mentally, and spiritually.  One word that describes her is “REAL”. Her teaching methods challenged me to self-reflect, but more importantly provided me the tools to be the best me. My outlook on life has changed for the better and I owe a lot of that to Dr. Basheerah’s motivational lessons. She’s the BEST!”

“…you are awesome…”

“My total weight loss is 16.9 lbs in 4 weeks!!!.  My physical change is what I am happy about. This will continue, I will take advantage of this momentum. Lastly, thank Dr. Basheerah, for providing this platform. There is so much I can say… just know you are awesome and we appreciate everything you have done”.

Any loss = Success

“5.8 pounds weight loss and inches off my waist and hips. Any loss=Success. Thank you Dr. Basheerah, for your time, encouragement, and selfless service to others. You are an amazing human being”.

The Wellness Shop

Take a moment to relax and breathe with my wellness products that will keep you grounded and inspire you to get back to you.

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